Anna (Maria) Engberg is a musician, composer and actress, currently active in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has been playing the violin seens she was 8 years old and also started to write songs about that age. As a musician she has a great width from classical music to klezmer and blues. Besides her own records she play the strings and sing backing vocals on recordings with among others Steget, Mira Aasma, Ian Person, Maybe Canada, Owlmother, Bring me the horizon, Jerry Williams, Easy October. She also compose music for theatre and works in her own studio.


annalogo A.M.E. is the closest you can get to Anna Maria Engberg´s heart and soul. She released NOT SURE I TRIED (2008) and THE VIDEO ALBUM (2012) followed by the double-ep SONGS WRITTEN IN THE SHADOW OF A GREAT LIE and OTHER SONGS (2015). November 1st 2017 her new album A BLOCK OF DUE is released on Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes and it´s the first time she produced and mixed all by herself. A.M.E. has been touring on and off mostly in Sweden, but also in Finland, France and Germany.

Promoshot by Johan Sundell a block of dew 2017

Release party 2015, Photos by Anders Tolergård
Promoshot 2014, Photos by Anders Tolergård
Promoshot 2012, Photos by Per-Anders Karlsson


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